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Brian Skakun for Council
Brian Skakun for Council2 days ago
An update on the Cannabis license fee. Councillor Garth Frizzell and I put a motion on the floor at last nights City Council meeting to lower the business license fee for Cannabis shops to $1000 from $5000 dollars.The motion to reduce the license fee was passed by a vote of 6 to 3. From my perspective, the $1000 dollar license fee is still excessive but I did not try and reduce it any more as I felt the motion would have been voted down and the $5000 fee would have been a reality.
The Cannabis license fee will be reviewed next year with all other fees including the licensing costs for liquor Stores. Part of our discussion last night was administrations argument around cost recovery for Bylaw Services and RCMP needed to monitor the Cannabis shops, I disagree and am betting the costs to monitor and police a legal Cannabis store would be less than a pub or liquor outlet. What is your opinion? Thanks.
Brian Skakun for Council
Brian Skakun for Council3 days ago
I am opposed to the $5,000 business license fee for selling pot. A few examples of what other businesses pay for a business license, a Cold Beer store $254 a Casino $254, Retail Store larger than 1000square meters. I think it's unfair and discriminatory. If we want to foster entrepreneurial spirit, we need to welcome this type of growing industry in a fair and consistent manner What are your thoughts? Thanks
Brian Skakun for Council
Brian Skakun for Council3 days ago
A couple stats from the last 3 elections in Prince George. Voter turnout 2008 32.3% 2011 28.96% and 2014 34.6%. We need to get the vote out! Any ideas on how we can increase voter turnout? Thanks